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Why learning360?

Challenges among today’s parents:-

  • How to engage child meaningfully at home (Kids waste/kill lot of time watching TV/playing games)?
  • How to discipline the child and motivate him towards self study?
  • How to enhance Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) among students (schools and exams focus more on Low order skills/rote learning)?
  • How to identify/discover the innate skills of your child?

Learning 360 is an innovative personalized learning programme which provides solutions to the above challenges, USPs of Learning360 programmes are :

  • Learnig360  provides an end to end solution for the child growth with a personalized learning approach.
  • A personalized Home Coach assigned to each student to provide personalized learning environment.
  • Building strong foundation in Maths & English with the development of Logical & Thinking abilities.
  • Learning through Multi Format Learning Resources – Skill based worksheets, Educational Aids, Online Logical skill development module, Pre-Post Assessments.
  • Focuses on the behavioural & temperament aspects of the child with our specialized personalized approach & child counselling sessions.

The Role of Learning360 Home coach:

Learning360 home coaches are the young & dynamic qualified professionals in the field of education. They are trained on all the different aspects of the programme. The role of the Learning360 Home Coach is to build strong connection with the child, identify the specific learning need of the child ,identify behavioural traits of the child & provide learning sessions as per the specific learning need. This gives child a special edge & they enjoy the every moment of this personalized session with the home coach.

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Learning360 is a unique initiative that aims to bring students and teachers on the same platform.
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