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Why Home Tutoring

Students losing confidence in group situations

The school/ college environment provides for studies in large groups. The pace of the class, generally, moves according to the best students. A lot of students do not ask their problems as they feel shy and left out. This often leads to school/ college drop-outs – another enormous problem in India.

Students are unlikely to be able to concentrate if they feel vulnerable. If their self-esteem is reduced, they will have less confidence and motivation to persevere and overcome challenges. If this is the case, this is likely to have a negative impact on their ability to learn.

Home tutoring comes to the rescue

The students who are not able to understand in schools/ colleges opt for coaching institutions where, unfortunately, they again face the same trend. A positive and supportive environment is vital for a student to achieve his full potential. There cannot be a better place than HOME.

Home tutoring environment is ideal. It is based on the idea of one-on-one teaching, customized to the needs of the student, individual attention and allows for a high level of quality interaction between the teacher and the student. Hence, it can be said that Home tutoring provides a conducive environment, in which the tutor is able to accurately monitor how well the child is mastering the lessons. The tutor adapts the pace and targets the skills accordingly.

Not only India, but Home tutoring is being preferred worldwide. A 2013 survey in U.K found that


Home tutoring enables student-centered learning. This type of learning places a student’s individual needs at its core, with the tutor positioning himself as a facilitator.

In the privacy and safety of their own home, students are able to take ownership of their learning. They may ask as many questions and spend as much time on each topic or skill that they need.

It also facilitates the tutor with the opportunities to monitor the students more closely, personalizing material and tailoring lessons. The tutor is free to provide immediate corrective feedback. He is able to conduct systematic assessments and monitor the student’s learning retention.


Learning at home also provides great involvement of the student’s family. They can provide support and encouragement as well as invaluable motivation through recognizing and acknowledging the student’s ongoing achievements.

Above all, Home tuitions trigger the sense of achievement among students. The realization that they have mastered a skill or a concept helps boost self-esteem and self-confidence in young learners. Hence, they develop independent and critical thinking skills that prepare them for life.

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