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Success Stories


Level 1, English

Advit's Parents Says,

After enrolling in the Learning360Edge programme i have seen tremendous improvement in my son's performance in English, i am a completely satisfied parents.


Level 4, Maths

Tenzin's parents says....

I was very concerned about my daughter's performance in maths. After enrolling learning 360 edge Maths programme, I have seen tremendous improvement in my daughter and her confidence level has also been increased.

Rudra Pratap Singh

Level 5, Maths

Rudra Pratap Singh's Parents says....
Excellent home coach with unique worksheets. My child learnt new ways to learn, beyond books. I am totally satisfied with the programme and looking forward for next level and next subject (English).

Aditya Rana

Level 3, English

Aditya rana Parents Says...

Excellent learning programme, My son has improved a lot in the area of English & got benefited through the personalized approach of Learning360 Edge home coaches.


Level 3, English

Kanak's Parents Saya...
I am very much impressed about the learning360edge's unique approach of learning.
It provide a complete convenience for both me and my kids, as it is conducted at our home by Peronalized Home Coach.