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Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Parents

  • No sharing of any Photograph or Personal Information of any Student is permitted, hence do not share them with the tutor.
  • Whenever Video of a Class is to be taken prior Permission from the Parent or guardian should be taken in writing and NOC should be emailed to
  • Tutor should be 18 years of age if not then his/her Guardian or Parent is legally bound by our Contract.
  • The Parent can ask for identification from the tutor and can reject the tutor if they feel the document is not worthy.
  • Parents should be present while the classes are being held.
  • The Tutor should not visit under any circumstances Students residence, other than his scheduled class days.
  • The tutor should not use any House hold Property at the Students house, his Mobile, Computer, Laptop or any other Home Appliances.
  • The tutor should not under any circumstances send Friend Request to Student or any of his Family member at any Social Networking Sites, form Groups at “Whatsup” or “Line” or Any other Networking platform.
  • The tutor cannot share any message which is Inflammatory, Communal, Political ,Hate Msgs , Improper conduct, Lewd comments on any platform which is shared by his/her students.
  • Any discussion about Politics, Religion or any topic which is not related to course should be avoided.
  • Try to pay at the end of the class and avoid Advance payment to tutor.

Safety Tips for Tutors

  • Be Punctual for your Classes & well prepared with your Lessons.
  • Never discuss topics beyond your Course Curriculum.
  • Avoid Discussion about your Personal life, likes and dislikes in your Tutoring sessions.
  • Avoid Discussions on Religion, Politics, Film in your sessions.
  • Avoid sharing of Information and personal details with your students.
  • Never make any False Statements or claims to your Students as they are at impressionable age.
  • Do not Try to Promote yourself at your Tution Sessions , your Teaching should speak for you.