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Music is one of the most wonderful human achievements. It is a universal sound which can create emotions and express feelings. It's a general assumption that learning a musical instrument can be beneficial for growth in life. One study showed that children, who had three years or more musical instrument training, performed better in auditory discrimination and fine motor skills. They also emerged better on vocabulary and non-verbal reasoning skills, which involves understanding and analyzing visual information. They are better at identifying relationships, similarities and differences between shapes and patterns. There is no denying that the study of music increases the general ability to learn and there are many reasons as to why one should prefer to learn music. Joining an institution and getting trained is one of the first steps towards learning Music. But the main emphasis should be real dedication and commitment. Learning360 focuses on providing one-on-one training to the student through music classes in Delhi ncr. It empowers the student with the ability to find right home tutor and get trained in the safe environment of his home, without any distractions. In regular music academies, students learning needs are addressed in groups, which results in many doubts and misconceptions in the mind of learner. Whereas, Learning360 gives opportunity to every learner and music tutor to form a learning environment of his own. Students can have trainer dedicated to them and therefore helps trainers also to explore and earn a handsome sum without any hustle and bustle of traveling long distance every day. We offer the options to provide training in classical music and western music in Delhi ncr.

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  • Music study exposes one to a rich history.
  • Studying music sharpens concentration and teaches perseverance.
  • Learning music makes you an expert in reading non-verbal communication.
  • Learning music increases responsibility.
  • Studying music teaches one how to listen.
  • Learning music teaches you to persevere until you get it right.
  • Learning to memorize pieces of music exercise brain and helps you to remember easily.
  • Studying music relieves stress.
  • Helps your brain work smarter and faster.
Taking into consideration the benefits of music, Learning360 aspires to spread the charm of music to maximum number of people who have the dream of learning or teaching music. We provide services for music classes in Delhi ncr in both classical and western music. Services in western music classes in Delhi ncr and classical music classes in Delhi ncr are given below:

Vocal Music training includes

  • Classical
  • Semi Classical
  • Folk
  • Gazals
  • Film songs
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Fusion and many more

Instrumental Music training deals in

  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Piano
  • Harmonium
  • Tabla
  • Sitar and many more


Besides becoming a performer or a teacher, in Instrumental and Vocal music, one can opt for the career choice of being a Composer, Song writer, Music publisher, Music journalist, Disc Jockeys, Music Therapist, Artist manager/PR and so on in the Music Industry. Today the growing popularity of the music channels and corporate sponsorship of musical events, has all made music big business .Once you are well trained, there is ample scope for making good position in this field.


LLearning360 aspires to take learning process of music to a different level, where the music tutor and the students are in the best possible environment. Learning becomes effective when both learner and music tutor work rigorously towards the goal without any distractions. The process needs corrective feedbacks and reviews at regular intervals. Learning 360 primarily aims to make learning more planned, focused and aligned towards the goals. The various Learning Gaps in Music are: