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FAQ’s For Tutors

How to register as a Tutor in Learning360?

Please click on “Register” link on the top of the homepage and then click on “Tutor” to Sign up as Tutor and follow on-screen instructions.

When can I access my account after registration?

Direct Online Registration: At the time of online registration your mobile number will be verified through OTP.After registration on the website you can access your account immediately.

Sales Team Registering You: After registering through our sales team, you’ll get a routine verification call from LEARNING360 Support Team. After successful verification your tutor profile will be activated and therefore you can access your account. The entire process can take 24-48 hours to complete.

How can I verify my Email & mobile number?

During the registration process, you get an OTP as soon as you fill your mobile number. For authentication, you receive an I.D and password on your e- mail for further use.

Is it mandatory to upload last educational certificate copy?

Learning 360 works on the grounds of providing quality and transparent service to both students and tutors .In order to do that ,it is required that we provide detailed information about the tutors. That is why , it is mandatory to upload your educational certificates scanned copy .This would increase your profile authenticity and increase your Learning 360 score. You are required to upload your address proof also. Please note that we respect your privacy and do not share any data with any 3rd party.

Do I need to provide highest qualification?

You need to provide highest qualification during registration. Once you get registered, you will get a dashboard through that you can add more qualifications as well.

Why am I not able to view mail id or phone number of tuition enquiries?

WE do not share the contact number of the Students with tutors as a listing company, you will receive a call from our end when Student selects your profile as tutor and we would like to check your availability for the given date and time. If you agree to take the Demo Class then only we share the contact details.

How can I make my tutor profile unique?

You can make your profile more attractive or unique to the students. It’ll initiate the chance of getting more tuition enquiries. So you should take care of these following points.

  • Upload profile photo
  • Display latest educational certificate
  • Updated qualification details
  • Updated tutoring experience
  • Attractive tutoring approach
  • Uploading relevant video
  • Getting positive reviews
  • Providing group class
Why a tutor is marked as ‘DEBARRED’ by Learning 360?

If LEARNING360 gets repeated reports of unacceptable behavior and negative reviews against a particular tutor and proves the fact. Then LEARNING360 reserves the right to suspend that tutor’s profile Reasons to mark as ‘DEBARRED’:

  • Tutor has taken tuition fees from a student but not offering any class.
  • Tutor is not providing tuition regularly/too much irregular.
  • Fixed up tuition as a home tutor, but not willing to go student’s home now.
  • Unable to show qualification proof, if requested by the student.
  • Changing Email/Mobile Number/Address without updating tutor profile
Do I need to pay any commission to LEARNING360 from my tuition fees?

Learning 360 does not charge any fee .We just aim at making the process of locating tutors and students hassle free. So, we do not claim any type of commission from your tuition fees which has been received from student directly.

Do I get Email & SMS notifications for students visiting my profile?

Yes, you get notifications on your email & mobile phone when someone selects your profile. But If you agree for Tuition then only we will share the info with you.

Do I need to pay to receive contacts of students and avail other services?

Learning 360 does not charge anything for the services. We work as a platform to connect tutors and students. We do not share the contact numbers of the Students with tutors or voice a versa. You will receive a call from our end when Student selects your profile as tutor and we would like to check your availability for the given date and time.

Is it necessary to provide complete address for home tutor?

Learning 360 works on the principle of providing quality and transparent services to the students with the element of authenticity to the information provided through our medium. It is necessary to provide complete address for the home tutors so that we have complete record of your information.

Can I change my location and category or segments after registration?

We are sorry, but we can’t allow you to change your address location after registration unless there is a case of emergency. In the case, if you shifting to some other location then it is possible that too after forwarding the request with complete proof of shifting from the mentioned location.

In case you want to change category and segment, which is allowed only after you present the certificate of required experience and qualification in that particular field.

Can I organize Group classes through LEARNING360?

Yes, you can teach group of maximum four students. While filling your profile details with Learning 360, there is a column that is specified to group classes. If you are interested, kindly fill the details.

Is there any limit to get daily enquiries?

There is no daily quota of getting tuition enquiries and the daily number of tuition enquiry may vary depending upon the available tuitions in selected location, segments and subjects.

Who will issue the receipt of the fee paid by the parents?

The dealing of payment of fee is between parents and tutors .Learning 360 though keeps the track if the fee is being paid or not. But payment process separately takes place between the tutor and the parent. So, the fee is received directly by the tutor and he proves the receipt for the same.

How do you take account of the experience mentioned by the tutors?

We consider both – tutor’s teaching experience and home tutoring experience at the back end .Both add to the tutors Learning 360 score. Giving due consideration to tutor’s privacy, only home tutoring experience is reflected on the profile.

What if I don’t want to give free demo classes?

It is company’s priority to give first hand experience to students about the tutors’ way of teaching, so that they are able to make right decision while selecting the tutor for the course. At the same time, we take care of the fact that there are some students who might misuse this service .As a precautionary measure we’ll issue the warning that if any student is found involved in such activities, he would be debarred of our services.