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FAQ’s For Students

What is Learning360 score ? Why it is so important ?

Learning 360 score is core to the functioning of this platform. The tutors score is an account of credibility of tutors registered with us. The score goes higher with regard to fulfilment of requirements by tutors like complete profile data, experience, qualification, popularity and their feedback provided by students . It primary goal is to provide the most relevant results to the search of the students, and help students find the right tutor with ease.

It is important because it makes the search relevant, ensures quality, triggers right decision making and increases visibility for students.

I am a parent looking for home tuitions for my son/daughter. How do I contact you?

You can register yourself in our system and search your requirement as per parameters , Category, Sub category, Subject and Pin code.

Okay, sounds good. But I need to see the tutor in action before I commit for tuition?

Yes, we will arrange Demo Class for you so that you may assess the tutor according to your requirements before you commit for tuition.

Do I need to pay registration fee every year?

We do not charge any fees from the students to access tutors and book Demo Classes. Further we will be starting Resource Section for students where you will get access to our resources and study material both on free as well as paid basis.

Can I take as many free demos as I like?

At one time you can only take 2 Demo class per subject in a month. Once your demo classes are over you must choose among the 2 tutors and commence classes. We discourage to have many Demo classes as it leaves the Student more confused and choice of plenty.

I am not happy about the teaching style of tutor I had demo class with. Should I reject him?

Yes, you may proceed if you think its necessary and kindly give your feed back after each Session and take the process of giving feedback seriously. It would be directly associated with meeting your requirements and provide you with the suitable tutors.

If I commit for tuitions, do I need to stick to the same tutor?

Yes, if you have agreed after Demo Class it is advisable to be with same tutor till the package ends, Refund is discouraged and adhered to during extreme cases

If I commit for tuitions, do you guarantee the same tutor for entire year?

Of course yes, you can. Once the entire tuition package gets over, you may renew it and continue with the same tutor for the whole year

what is so special about Learning There are many other competing services in the market?

We have a unique facility of arranging Demo classes for students. With honest open pricing, no spam calls, mails or hidden costs, we promise an outstanding service to both teachers and students. This makes it unique among other competing services.

Can I pay after the month is over?

It is advisable that you pay in advance, as per the policy of company. We expect you to stick to the policies of the company, so that we can provide you with the best services .So, kindly pay in advance.

Do you check the background of tutors?

To ensure the element of security in our services, we upload the complete information given by tutors, and hence encourage the validity and authenticity of the information by uploading the required certificates and documents.

How do you ensure high quality tutors?

Learning 360’s primary principle is to ensure high quality tutors. In order to adhere to Learning 360’s “Student first” policy, Learning 360 score is core to the functioning. The tutors score goes higher with regard to the fulfilment of the requirements like profile data, experience, qualification, popularity and the kind of feedback of the teachers. Along with that, regular feedback is taken from the students to ensure best quality in Learning 360 functioning.

Isn’t Learning360 very expensive?

Learning 360 does not levy any charges on students and tutors for the services it provides. We only display appropriate prices decided by each tutor, with no hidden cost. This makes it affordable.

But you did not tell me how much it would cost.?

Each tutor has a price column in their Profile. Kindly, go through the same and make your decisions accordingly.Learnind 360 doesnot play any role in deciding the fee.It plays the role of your companion and introduces you to your tutor. The decision on charges are mutually decided by the student and the tutor.

How can I get myself registered as a Student on Learning 360 ?

You can visit our website , click on Register now, Fill the Form and get yourself Registered in 3 simple steps

When can I post my requirements?

As soon as you have logged in, you can search and post your requirements.

How can I verify my Email & mobile number?

During the registration process, you get an OTP as soon as you fill your mobile number. For authentication, you receive an I.D and password on your e- mail for further use.

Can I browse tutor’s contact information on

Learning 360 does not share contact information of tutors with students until demo class is booked. Student shortlists five Tutors for Demo class .Based on the requirements of student, Learning 360 further assists the student to select the best two of the shortlisted five. The selected tutors thereafter contact student for demo class. Then only the contact information is shared.

Can I negotiate with the tutors/institutes about tuition fee?

The mentioned prices are relevant, appropriate and indicative of the prices charged by other tutors for the same Category. In case the tutor wants to give students some discount, learning 360 doesn’t play any role in that.

How can I search from a list of available tutors/institutes?

As you fill the required parameters in Category, Sub Category, Subject and Price , the system will Show the desired Result. Shortlist your five preferences on the basis of your requirements .Learning 360 will further assist you to select two out of the five selected and arrange demo class with them.

What if I find a fraud tutor/institute on Learning 360?

Kindly notify the company if you come across anything of this nature. Learning 360 is very strict in the concern of discipline and keeping the profession ethics intact. If somebody doesn’t abide by it, we will debar him from our services.

How can I trust a “Learning360 Verified” tutor?

We verify the Quality aspect of the tutor and we do not vouch for the Behaviour or any unethical practice for any individual. Parents /guardian need to be alert and ask for the identification proof when the tutor comes to your place.