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From immemorial times, dance has been part of Indian celebrations. Learning360 celebrates the spirit of dance and makes it easily reachable to large number of people.  We connect the private dance trainers and the trainer and the learner in a more organized fashion. Learning 360 makes the entire process of learning dance more planned and systematic. Dancing is an integral part of Indian culture. India has laid the foundation stone of many well-known classical and folk dances. Bharatnatyam of Tamil Nadu, Odissi of Orissa, Kathakali of Kerala, Kuchipudi of Andhra Pradesh, Kathak of Lucknow and Jaipur and Manipuri of Manipur are some of the prominent Indian dance forms contributing to the panorama of dance in India.  

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  Besides providing services in Indian dance classes in Delhi ncr like classical, folk dances and Bollywood, Learning360 ensures easy connect between the private dance trainers and the students seeking training in various dance styles classes like western dance classes in Delhi NCR. Learning 360 provides Indian dance classes in Delhi NCR in the dance forms like Salsa, Ballet, Zumba, Free-style and Street dance.
In conventional dance institution set up, students learn dance in groups. Every student doesn’t get the opportunity to learn at his own pace. Such situations decline the entire purpose of dance. The student instead of enjoying the 'stress-reliever' dance, has to struggle through the competition of matching up with others’ pace. Learning360 introduces the concept of taking Indian Classical dance Classes in Delhi and western dance classes in delhi ncr. It gives a chance to the trainer to closely know the needs and pace of the student and thus plan the procedure accordingly. Apart from being taken as hobby, present times offer some significant careers in Dance. Careers in this field can be that of a performer, teacher and choreographer.

What Purpose Does Dancing Serve?

Some of the significant benefits of dance are listed below:
  • Dancing allows one to express oneself.
  • A sense of unity is found within the dance.
  • Dancing provides physical refreshment.
  • Dancing caters to mental relaxation.
  • Dancing can provide a lot of entertainment.
  • Dancing is a form of exercise.
  • Dancers find inspiration and motivation as they are lost in the dance.
  • Dancing allows professional dancers to form affiliations.

Dancing Career Roles

Choreography: Future prospects for choreographer are very bright as large number of stage and TV shows are being organized these days. Choreographers work in films, on stage, for television and video and music shows. Trainer: A private dance trainer requires an aptitude for teaching, initiative and patience.He must be thorough with the theoretical and practical ideas of dance. Along with that dancers can also take up the profession of teaching jobs in schools, universities, and dance Institutes. Performing: Attractive appearance, facial expression, expressions and stage presence are some the important features required in the performer. Numerous opportunities are open for the performing artist. Besides forming their own troupes they can take time out for coaching too.

Dance- Job prospects

Dancers have a lot of job opportunities waiting for them.
  • They are employed by the dance academies, doordarshan, t.v channels, Kala Kendras.
  • AIR and institutes imparting training in dance.there are a lot of opportunities open for artists in theatres, opera companies and theatrical companies like Movie studio, song and drama section.
  • Now a days , some companies and corporate houses pay heavy sum to dancers or troupes to promote their products.
  • More than that , one can always take up self employment by holding private classes or owning a dance Institute.
More than anything, dance is the expression of emotions, feelings and opinions through the movement and manipulation of the body. Dance is form of telling a story or conveying emotion through choreography. Learning360 brings home the joy of taking Western Classical dance Classes in Delhi from private dance trainer and takes away the stress and the hassles of locating and travelling to the suitable dance academy in order to learn a particular dance form. The various Learning Gaps in Music are: