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Challenges In front of the parents

Challenges In front of the parents

How to engage child meaningfully at home (Kids waste/kill lot of time watching TV/playing games) ?

How to discipline the child and Motivate him towards self study ?

How to enhance Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) among students(schools and exams focus more on Low order skills/rote learning) ?

How to identify/discover the innate skills of your child ?

Welcome Learning360 Edge

8 Levels of Math & English (for class 1- 5)

Each Level contains

Skill Based worksheets

150 + worksheets based on blooms taxonomy.

Personalized success coach

10 one to one sessions with our trained & verified success coach conducted at your home.

Pre & Post assessment

To monitor the progress and suggest corrective measures.


Learning360 Edge = Personalized Success Coach + Skill Based Worksheets + Assessment

Conducted at your Home

Why Learning360 Edge

100% Convenience

Programme is conducted at home which leads to no travelling, traffic & parking worries. Save Time, Money & Energy.

Right Learning Programme at Right Age

6-11 years of age group is very crucial as these are the foundation years of the child, & this is the best time to work with the kids. Learning360 Edge programme has been designed to prepare your child for 21st Century.

Enhancement of HOTS

Worksheets based on Bloom's Taxonomy help in the enhancement of "Higher Order Thinking Skills" among students.

Discipline and Self Study

With the home based worksheets & regular follow up by the personalized home coach , students are motivated towards self study, discipline & meaningful engagement at home.

Identification of Innate Skills

With the Pre & Post Assessment Modules parents would be able to identify or discover innate skills of the students.

Steps To Success

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Diagnostic assessment

Diagnostic assessment which provides insight into the students ability & learning needs.


Learning Level Selection

Learning Level Selection (Math & English) as per the result of Diagnostic Assessment.


Success Coach session

Commencement of Success Coach Session at your home , who conduct learning session with your child with the help of QCR (Quick Concept Review) Booklet.


home worksheets & QCR

Hand over of Home Worksheets & Quick Concept Review Booklet (To enhance self directed learning).


Telephonic support

Telephone support for doubt clearance.


Evaluation of worksheets

Evaluation of worksheet by
Parents & Tutors for
each chapter.


Assessment & feedback

Assessment will be conducted to evaluate whether the students has achieved mastery before moving on to the next level.


Proceed to next level

When your child completes
specific level than he
would be able to proceed
to the Next Level.

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Programme Details

Number Sense


Shapes & Patterns





Data Handling

Basic Geometry



Perimeter & Area

Word Formation

Sentence Formation



General Vocabulary

Contextual Vocabulary



Life Skills

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is the L360 Edge programme?

L360 Edge programme is an innovative personalized learning programme in the areas of Maths & English for Class 1st – 5th students, to improve the concepts of Maths & English with the enhancement of higher order thinking skills.

2. Why Should I enrol for L360 Edge programme?

1. Enhancement of HOTS – Enhance Higher Order Thinking Skills among students.
2. Discipline and Self Study – With the skill based home worksheets students are motivated towards self study , discipline and meaningfully Engagement after school hours.
3. 100% Convenience – Programme is conducted at home which leads to no travelling, traffic & parking worries. Save Time, Money & Energy.
4. Identification of Innate Skills – with the Pre & Post Assessment Modules parents would be able to identify or discover innate skills of the students.

3. What ages does L360Edge programme cater to?

L360Edge programme cater to 6 – 11 years of age group (1st – 5th class )students

4. Which curriculums does the L360Edge programme cover?

L360 Edge programme covers CBSE & ICSE syllabus for Maths & English

5. Can the programme be subscribed to any time of the year?

Yes students can enrol to specific level of L360 Edge programmeme in any month of the academic year.

6. How do I enroll for the programme ?

Students or Parents can fill up the enquiry form available at, our representative will come to your place with the registration form to complete the enrolement process.

7. How do I select the specific level for my child?

After the enrollment process our representative will conduct the diagnostic (pre) assessment process for the selection of specific Level.

8. How do children get upgraded to the next level ?

After the completion of specific level, Post Assessment will be conducted for the specific level, if student clear the post assessment of the specific level he/she will be proceed to the next level.

9. How L360 Edge programme differs from the other existing Math & English programme?

L360 Edge programme Focusses to enhance higher order thinking skills of their child with the enhancement of the basic maths & english concepts, & this is the only programme which will be conducted at home by the Trained & Verified Success coach.

10. Is their any possibility to chose home coach as per my requirement ?

Success Coach or Home coach will be assigned by the L360 Edge Management team there is no option for the parents to choose success coach.

11. If I want more worksheets for the specific concepts , can I get the same ?

This would be consider on a case to case basis.

12. How much time my child need to spend for the home based worksheets on a daily basis?

The average time required on a daily basis for the home worksheets are 30-45 mins.

13. Does L360Edge provide any support or help for the home based worksheets ?

L360 Edge provides telephonic support for the doubt clearance & also provide followup calls for the timely & successful completion of the worksheets.

14. Is there any possibility to avail extra home coach sessions ?

This would be consider on a case to case basis.

15. Does you provide any remedial worksheets on need basis ?

After the post assessment, remedial worksheets would be provided on a need basis.

16. Can I complete multiple levels in  one year ?

Yes students can complete multiple levels as per their potential.

17. What if I am not happy with my success coach ?

If parents are not satisfy with the success coach there is a provision to replace success coach.

18. Will L360 help me in getting more marks ?

L360 Edge programme does not focus to get more marks, rather it focuses on to build the concept, so indirectly when the students strengthen their concepts in the Maths & English areas their marks will also get improved.

19. Does L360 programme help my child in other talent exams like Olympiad ?

It will definitely help for the preparation of other competitive exams like Olympiad.

20. What is the role of parents in successfully completing L360 programme ?

Role of parent is very crucial as L360 Edge programme promotes self directed approach of learning , so parents involvement requires for the successful completion of the programme.

21. What is the role of success coach ?

Success Coach conduct the personalize learning session with the student & provide telephonic support for the followup and doubt clearance.

22. What if I don’t clear the post course assessment ?

If student doesn’t clear the post assessment some remedial worksheets will be given & the counselling session will be conducted by the tutor for the further improvement.